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Complaint: Valerie Jean and Michael Charles Mayo Repeatedly Violated Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct Prior to Sept 2007, when the Mayos learned that attorney Jan C. Smith represented me, as Westmoreland County Commissioner of Accounts, Michael Mayo had already reviewed–and rejected–Smithu2019s First and Second Accountings for his mother-in-law Trepagnieru2019s will, and Valerie Mayo notarized Smithu2019s Affidavit of Notice Regarding her estate on September 27, 2007. By not reporting this conflict of interest to me, my former lawyer (before Smith), or the court, the Mayos intentionally acted in violation of Virginia State Bar (VSB) Rule 1.7 “CONFLICT OF INTEREST and VSB Rule 1.6(c)(3) CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION (c) A lawyer shall promptly reveal: (3) information concerning the misconduct of another attorney to the appropriate professional authority under Rule 8.3. When the information necessary to report the misconduct is protected under this Rule

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Website: “” and VSB Rule 8.3 “”REPORTING MISCONDUCT (a) A lawyer having reliable information that another lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules if Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to that lawyeru2019s honesty

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