Michael Carroll Kannapolis North Carolina


Complaint: SCAM ALERT!! Michael Carroll approached my parents who are residents in Kannapolis, NC. He came into their home asking them if they would allow him to come and pave their driveway for them. My parents did not go looking for him, he came to their house. Michael told them that he could make their driveway look like the streets, black concrete and all. He told them that he had an office just right around the corner and that he lived close by. My parents didn’t think much of it so they agree to sign a contract for him to come and do it. So Michael and his crew comes to the house in the morning and pours dirt/crushed recycle asphalt all over the driveway. It was noon and he asked my father what time he had to go to work. My father told him he had to leave by 2pm to go to work. Michael then insisted that my father go ahead and pay him. He needed my father to write him a check before my father went to work. My father told him that his work was not complete and that he wasn’t going to pay him yet. Michael stated that the dirt he just put all over the drive way will turn as black and solid as the streets in 3-5 days. He still kept insisting my father pay before leaving to work. So my father wrote him out a check for $3100. As soon as Michael accepted the check he and his crew packed up their stuff real quick and started to head on their way out. My father told him that they were not done with their work yet. Michael told my father that they will be back as soon as they get back from the bank. Well, Michael and his crew didn’t show back up. The driveway is still looking the same as it did on the 27th. Still dirt and not solid!!!! My father was scammed out of $3100 and now this man who says he is with a company that is totally bogus. He isn’t picking up his phone either when we tried to call him to tell him to come finish the job or to come look at what he has done. My father tried to contact his bank to stop the check from going through but it was too late already since he already signed it and handed it over to this scum bag. Please, don’t use this man. He is a scammer and apparently not licensed to do anything!!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Nationwide USA

Website: transportation-services.findthecompany.com/l/9190354/AAA-Paving-USDOT-2890964

Phone: 803-334-5961

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