Michael Hirsch Fix it Right Review


Michael Hirsch was hired to do a remodeling project at my house totaling $22,500. The project included master bathroom remodel, installation of tile floors, painting kitchen cabinets, adding two walls to create a den, re-framing some windows and fixing some outdoor patio posts. He started demolition work as soon as he received 2k down payment. I was out of town when work started. During demolition he took down 2 new soundproof windows that had been installed just two weeks prior. When he initially saw them he had mentioned he though my windows were installed backwards. I explained they were brand new soundproof windows and specifically asked him to leave them installed. When I returned three days later there was no one working on my house Monday between 9:00 and 11:30 am. The next day he was there with a young African America girl and a man in a wheelchair. He asked me to go with him to Home Depot. Then proceeded to ask the Home Depot employees which paint you should use to refinish kitchen cabinets. After I paid for paint and other materials he asked me for his second installment totally 7k even though it was due the following day. At that point I gave him a check which I signed in front of him. He later called stating he was at the bank and the bank had rejected the check because my signature didnít match. To make things easier and try to ease him down when he started making suggestions that I didnít have the funds to pay him I told him to forget about the check not to attempt to deposit it again that I would make a wire transfer. He stated he would tear up the check and send me a picture. After he received the wire transfer money he deposited the check. I was there Wednesday night and saw his tools but no new work had been done. The following morning Thursday by 7:00 am Michael Hirsch and his tools were gone. He would not answer my phone calls. He worked at my house less than a week and took 11K from me.


  • Name: Michael Hirsch Fix it Right
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Glendale
  • Address: 4828 West Orangewood Ave
  • Phone: 602-575-1108
  • Website:

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