Micheal Spades – Dallas, Texas Men


This man, Micheal Spades, is currently a tattoo artist in the McKinney area but jumps around from shop to shop. He has also tattooed extensively in FLorida. He is a gold-digger, preying on women for money and material goods. He took me for about 70K (I made the mistake of marrying the man) before I got smart and got rid of his lying, cheating, gold-digging ass. He has done this repeatedly in the Dallas area as well as Key West, Florida. He was funneling my money to a girl he was screwing too. So ladies, if you are a successful woman with your own money, GUARD IT CAREFULLY when you are around this man! And he screws just about anything under the sun WITHOUT using condoms so be forewarned that you may get a gift that keeps on giving from him as well.

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