Michele Bonnici – Oakley, California California


Michele Bonnici is a home wrecker. She met a married man in Reno while she was there with her friends for the Italian festival she goes to each years In 2015 she made the decision to have a “one night stand” with a married man she met at the craps table. However when they returned home to her husband and family in Oakley, Ca they continued the relationship. Not only was this man married but his wife was expecting their first child (after 7 years of infertility and trying for a baby) Shortly before delivering their baby his wife learned of the affair Michele and her husband were having and begged her to stop for the sake of her young family, it did for awhile until Michele used blocked numbers and her work phones to get in touch with him and beg him to take her back. Apparently being a stay home mom to her two teenage daughters who attend freedom high school in Oakley doesn’t keep her busy enough so she spends her day sexting and sneaking out to have casual sex on the side of the freeway, park benches, or any other public place she decides is trashy enough to suit her needs. Michele claims she is “separated” but many posts on social media by her daughters and extended family prove that to be a lie. On her birthday last December she had sex with him in the bathroom of the the Grape and Vine in Brentwood. Michele works at Laurel elementary school in Oakley and plays the role of the perfect wife and mother – all while living a double life. All of her friends know about the affair and the fact this man is married with a baby at home. In fact her best friend also had an affair with one of this mans friends in Reno and she also is married with children. These women have no respect for married men or families. They are old Cougars looking for younger men and to tip families apart! Watch out for the housewives in Oakley, Ca they have a lot of time on their hands and no integrity.

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