Michele Lentz, Nurse Practitioner Review


Michele Lentz is running a scam!! On Feb 7th, 2015 I met Michele Lentz at Dr Choi’s office at 10105 Banburry Cross Dr Ste 130 Las Vegas, NV. Michele Lentz is new to Dr Choi’s office. She does Botox and Belotero injections. After examining my face, she guaranteed me she could get rid of my wrinkles and deep lines 100%. She told me that I would have INSTANT results. She GUARANTEED me I would look years younger guaranteed. All for only $450, I was so excited. I told her lets do it. She numbed my face and gave me a few injections. Looking in the mirror I saw NO results, all of my wrinkles and lines were still there. My face was swollen, but ALL of my wrinkles and lines were still there. Her assistant Kim had already charged my credit card. I told her I still look the same, I see NO change in my face. She claimed sometimes it takes a day or two to work. She told me I would be able to tell a difference once the swelling went down. She charged my Visa $1,100, more then twice the price Michele and I discussed. She claimed the product has already been injected in my face. She claimed I received $1,100 worth of injections. I asked to speak with Michele, and I was told she was already with another client and I could not speak with her. I asked for an invoice so I knew what I was being charged for and what exactly was injected in my face. I was told they dont give invoices in the cosmetic world. And she handed me a brochure for Botox. I waited 7 days until all of the bruises and swelling was gone and still no results. I contacted Michele and told her how unhappy I was and I wanted the injections redone..She asked me to meet her at Dr Choi’s office the next Thursday. The following Thursday I arrived at Dr Choi’s a little early Michele hadnt arrived yet. When she walked into Dr Choi’s office she walked right past me and didnt say a word she wouldnt even make eye contact with me. After about 10 minutes she called me back, she clearly had an attitude and was upset. She took her mirror out and handed it to me while she examined my face. She asked me to point out what I was unhappy about. So I pointed out all the area’s that she told me she could erase with botox. Every wrinkle was still there, there was no change in my face.Then she claimed she had told me it would take at least three sets of injections to see a differance. I told her she was lying! She never said that to me, I would have never agreed to doing three sets of injections. She then told me since I was so unhappy I should go somewhere else and get my Botox. I asked her to at least issue me a refund to my credit card then. She replied NO, she would never do that. I dont believe she even injected me with Botox. Michele Lents is a LIAR and is running a SCAM!! She refused to give me a receipt or invoice with the charges. Upon investigating her, I found she does NOT have a Business License OR Taxation Licenese for the beauty products she is selling in Dr Choi’s office.. On her website she states she recieved her training in Beverly Hills from the American Association Of Aesthetic Medicine. When we called them to see if that was true, we were told she completed a TWO DAY botox class only!! No wonder my injections didnt work.She has no clue what shes doing! I have filed a complaint with the BBB. The State of Nevada Dept Of Taxation. Nevada Secretary Of State. Channel 13 Consumer Protection. Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection. Southern Nevada Health District. And I will continue to file complaint until I receive a refund!!!

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