Michele’s Rescue Review


I adopted a puppy a few weeks back from Michele’s rescue. First, I had to take him in right away because he was injured. He then started vomitting so back to the vet we went. He got treated for many kinds of worms. I have noticed that Michele never cashed the check I wrote her. I message her on Facebook and asked her why. I got back a very nasty response and she wanted me to write her another check. I called my bank and they stopped payment on the check because Michele had lost my check. This woman lost a payment that had my full name, signature, ADDRESS, routing number, and bank account number. She never apologized just threatened to take me to court if I didn’t send a new check. As a business owner this shows me how irresponsible her “company” is. I have learned a lesson about these adoption places. Please do your research before you adopt your pet. Please DO NOT go to Michele’s Rescue. .

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