Michelle Halloran – Freetown, Massechusetts Massachusetts


This gold digger†Michelle Halloran was†working at dunkin donuts and trying to find someone to give her money. She met my husband in the drive thru. She started having sex with my husband and when I found out I called her. She continued to call him, text him, send pics and offer sex in his truck if he would come see her. After speaking to her many times she refuses to stop contacting him until one day she said she found someone with more money. She ended up marrying the Halloran guy, poor guy. She has 3 children with her 1st husband, well not really because the little girl isnít his but he doesn’t know. She would leave her kids with relatives and go for days with the men she met at dunkin. She is still up to her old sl*tty tricks while pretending to be a saint. She spreads her legs for anyone with a little cash. Luckily her children are a little older now and don’t need a babysitter. I guess she’s a sl*t for life so watch out!

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