Michelle Hanson – Winchester, Virginia Virginia


My soon to be ex-husband of almost 29 years has cheated on me for the last 5 years. The most recent was/is with Michele Hanson. Their affair started less than 5 months after we got back from a vacation to California. Where I thought (stupid me) that he was home for good. It was like a second honeymoon. Lies. All of it. In Nov 2016 he decided to not come home. I found him the next day, at her house. I asked him if we were done and he said yes. Thank God! I was so relieved! He freaked out a month later and tried to come back, he moved back in (marital property in WI) but 2 weeks later there was an incident so I went down and I was able to get a restraining order on him. I’m sad to admit that I was LAC with the RO and let him come back around, with no intention of working things out tho. So he tells me 2 weeks ago that even though him and Michele aren’t “together” anymore they and another male friend are all going to Cancun together. While he was in Cancun I emailed him. Told him to leave me the hell alone or I would call the cops. Michele knew he was married. In fact I’ve been to her damn house and had dinner with her and her husband!! Went there to “help her out” because she tells everyone her husband beats her. She’s a nasty woman who talks like she has crap in her mouth. He says the only reason he slept with her was because he was drunk. But I call BS. He was drunk for 2.5 yrs straight? Yeah… right. I filed for divorce Jan 26, 2017. I’ll be free of the lies and BS!

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