Michelle Hong – Federal Way, Washington Washington


A month before our wedding I found out my fiancÚ was having a sexting relationship with an old coworker. Then I caught them. Then I found out that it had actually been going on for months and they had sex while I was out of town supporting my family. The home wrecker Michelle Hong thinks she “won” him and keeps posting romantic memes online ranging from “have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have?” to “I may not have been your first but I’m preparing to be your last.” || The crazy thing is Michelle Hong is a mom of two. You would think a mom would know better than to incur bad karma on herself knowing her children could get hit with it but she’s dumb. And then she also has the nerve to tell me she loves him as if I care. She knew we were together the whole time and that we were months away from marriage and she chose to continue so she is definately a honewrecker. I hope she gets ALL THE BAD KARMA she deserves.

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