Michelle Murphy Holloman – Saraland, Alabama Alabama


This female.. (Can’t even call her a woman because a REAL woman wouldn’t do this). Michelle Murphy Holloman is still married and has been cheating with my now EX-whatever you want to call him for at least 3 months now. She claims to have beat breast cancer but now supposedly has brain tumors (that’s the sob story she gave him). She has known about myself and my son from the very beginning. Her soon to be X has supposedly turned her kids (not technically all hers) against her because of her sad history of drug abuse (she claims to be Christian but is still using and supplying my x whatever with drugs as well-might I add he is in a program himself) and she is SOOOO distraught over that but yet she chose to break up OUR family and break my son’s heart… She is one of the lowest of all in my book. She WILL answer for all of the wrong doings in her life when it comes her time to find out why she is not making it through those pearly gates… THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY….

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