Michelle Ortiz – Hemet, California California


Michelle Ortiz is the h*e that I’m talking about she promised my husband when she gets her settlement she’s going to buy him a Silverado truck she works for Goodwill she’s a training manager in Temecula California about 2 months ago I found my husband’s work phone and went off at 10:30 the kids were gone I went downstairs to go look for it because I heard it I got it went into the garage and read everything that was on it it was 4 months worth of text messages from Michelle Ortiz saying how she misses him she wants to see him again and he wants her bad my husband is a truck driver also for Goodwill he’s a class a trucker so he delivers to the store in Temecula and that’s how they met they exchange numbers and they started talking from there she has never been married she has no kids now when I felt the phone I had called her and I talked to her she said that she didn’t know nothing about me and didn’t know he was married and she didn’t want no problems she is going to block the number so I warned her leave my husband alone stop talking to him don’t text him all that great stuff here comes a month later I found his phone again while he was sleep and they kept on talking so I called her on her shit again and she says I’m not a homewrecker I don’t mess with married men he told me he’s not married to you so we got up we fought and he said he’s done he’s good on me he doesn’t want to be married to me no more he said he was never married to me he wants to be with her he wants space that’s what he said then he was like I don’t want space I want to separate from you so I can get her money the only reason why he is with her is because she is getting her settlement I’ll be alright I am moving on with my life I will live my best life once a cheater always a cheater and no you can’t blame the girl but when you warn her and told her that you were the wife she should have more sense to back off but I guess not when they done running and smoking up the money he’s going to try to talk to me and I’m not going to let him Michelle Ortiz Works in Temecula Goodwill…

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