Michelle Wargo – Orlando, Florida Florida


This lady is in her 30s and she decided to go after married men, taken guys, and even younger boys who don’t know any better. She is completely sick in the head. May sound and look sweet with a reputation that looks polished but she is a total freak. A homewrecker with no morals, she broke up my fiance of mine all because she couldn’t get a man of her own. She has a hard time keeping men because she is also batshit crazy. A nut job at the core, she lives in Orlando, FL and is in the media industry. She hardly ever works, is lazy, incompetent, and manipulates people into paying for her. She slept with my fiance and texted him CONSTANTLY, I had to tell her to go throw herself in a hole. She is also fat with low self esteem so she has to get as much attention from men as possible. Her ex husband completely got tired of her and got rid of her as fast as he can just after a short period of marriage. No man wants a long term commitment with her AT ALL. She will cheat on you and is TERRIBLE. After months of trying to work things out, my fiance cut ties with her. I later lost all respect for him and called everything off. I am still mad at how aggressive this lady was. She probably hops from any guy that is willing to have sex with her. She reeks of desperation and CANNOT handle being around other women. She may play nice but becareful, she will get close to your bf, husband, SO, and constantly text/call them. Stay away from this whore. She belongs in a hell hole.

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