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To whom it may concern,


I hope this email finds you well.
I used to be a loyal Microsoft supporter but unfortunately in this last month, my loyalty has completely shattered. I purchased a Microsoft Surface Book 2 in September 2018. Along with the laptop I also purchased the Microsoft Complete 2 year warranty.
Since the last couple of months my laptop has been facing many issues. Here are a couple major ones below:
1) The laptop overheats to the extent that it burnt my skin many times. I have a 2 year old daughter who also used my laptop to watch movies and it is extremely dangerous to have a laptop like this around her.
2) The screen keeps turning blue and then I have to restart the whole machine.
3) The charging adaptor also overheats to such an extent that it burns your skin.
As I was travelling to Toronto I decided to use my warranty and get the laptop replaced for a new laptop since that is what my warranty stated I am entitled to.
Now once I arrived in Toronto I went ahead and I called Microsoft. I have called them 87 times! I  am so truly disapppointed in the services. Every time I call Microsoft support I am told to call the sales department and when I call the sales deparment they tell me to call Microsoft support.
I have been hung up on… not disconnected but hung up on all but 3 times. I have stated in every call that I  would like a call back in case of the call being disconnected but no call back except for 1 time.  Instead of a call back I have been hung up on.
So when I was able to get through one of the 3 times, I asked for all the options and I went with the advanced option for the replacement. I spefically asked if the replacaement unit would be a refurbished one and I was told no it would be a new unit. I was also told I would get 6 months warranty on the new unit. I asked for an email confirming this and it was never sent.
I was happy with these options so I went ahead and filed in my credit card details. Now I recieved my “replacement  unit” yesterday and it was not only dirty with fingerprint marks all over the laptop and stains on the bottom part, but also chipped on the side.
I was charged around $5000 CAD for a refurbished unit! That is extremely unethical. How am I expected to accept such a horrible piece when I was told that I would get a new unit before placing the order. I feel so cheated. i called Microsoft many times after that but it was no help at all. I was just hung up on repeatedly with no call backs.
I am 7 months pregnant and this last month just dealing with Microsoft has been so stressful for me that I have had many panic attacks and anxiety. I dread calling Microsoft customer service because of the absolute horrible service I recieved.
My husband has a Lenovo machine and the customer service that he recieved when facing an issue was fantastic. I always thought that Microsoft would do the same when faced with an issue but sadly that was not the case. I hope you can help me in some way to restore my faith in Microsoft.
Looking forward to your response.
Komail Ismail
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