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Complaint: My bank alerted me of suspicious activity of multiple transactions from Microsoft. I call Microsoft and explained what the issue is so they offered $500 refund and said that my bank would reimburse me the remaining $1300, subsequently contacting my banking institution and they advised me that Microsoft was responsible for the entire refund. So I contacted Microsoft and they told me by accepting the 500 dollars I’ve forfeited my right to receive the entire amount. I feel like I was mislead by Microsoft agents. I’ve learned from my mistakes but to educate the public don’t let them fool you into setting for less. Microsoft owes me 1900 dollars, they made me believe that my bank would reimburse the balance ( false) now they saying once you accept the 500 dollars their system won’t allow them to further assist in any losses. I’m sure I’m not the first nor will be the last to encounter this horrible experience with Microsoft Xbox. So card holders beware of unauthorized charges. All I agreed was for a yearly subscription for Xbox live and my 9yo son wasn’t aware of clicking buttons was costing me hundreds of dollars. Microsoft cmon your this big giant and you can protect card holders any better than this!

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