Mid City Auto Salvage jamestown North Carolina


Complaint: Heres my story. I have a 94 Yukon GT, I need to replace the engine, so i did what the rest of us thought was smart and ended up ordering from Mid City, I did mine through email, phone and fax. I printed out all my emails. I was told i was getting an engine from a 95 Tahoe, 56,000 miles on it, and VERY clean. $995, shipping included, sounded too good to be true, but now we all know it was. I received my engine 10 days later, but when the engine was unwrapped it looked like it sat in the weather for a decade, oh but it might have(not very clean huh?) Not to mention being completely rusted it was from a 91 CHevy Van, the dumbasses forgot to wipe off where they marked what type of engine it was with a wax marker. Lets just say that was like giving me a honda engine for a camaro. EVERYTHING would have to be replaced. Needless to say the engine was taken back to Watkins Motor Freight. I emailed SHAUN before then and said i think there was a mistake, the wrong engine was sent, the valves arent even in the correct vacinity to even work in my vehicle etc, i was very nice about it. and his response was “Same engine from 1989-19–“”. Good one SHAUN. So back to the story

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Address: i take the engine back to the motor frieght co. i call Shaun 3 times

Website: faxed them the emails

Phone: Left 3 voicemails

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