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Complaint: Middlebrook Exxon, Germantown, MD It was a horrible experience like to be robbed. On May 16 2018, My Mazda MPV AC did not work, I called the manager David, he told me it was $148 for AC service. When I dropped the car, I also told him my front passenger side front Tire got slow leakage. He did not give me a written estimation, told me it will take 90 minutes. Then he called me to inform my AC compressor did not work, a new compressor is $600 ( from I got one from a dealer for $172), and the car water pumps leaks, need be replaced immediately. I was shocked by his price, and told him I will not repair. Then when I went back, he insisted to charge me full $148 for the AC service he did not perform. I asked what he did, he told me he charged 2 Lb r134a freon. But, if the compressor did not work, freon can’t be charged into the system! David even told me he plugged my leaked tire. End up I saw a nail is still there, I had to go to another shop to fix the tire. I was forced to pay $148 for just a diagnosis, NO AC service performed. Of cource my water did not leak. I drove another 40 miles, the NO water leakage, the coolant tank is still perfectly full. NO written estimation, big fat lie , and forced me to pay for the service he did not do. NEVER go back again. … your description … Germantown MD

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Address: 12918 MIDDLEBROOK RD Germantown, MD United States


Phone: (301) 540-2200

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