MidWest America Federal Credit Union Review


I was a secondary buyer on a vehicle that was financed through the car dealership and was approved for the loan amount of $8500 +tax/tag/title/registration fees which was done through Midwest America FCU. During this time I was the only person in the home working and paying all the bills. I had reached out to MWAMFC to allow them to notate my account and to let them know that I would catch up on payments, but they would be late. I even was offered the opporutnity to do the skip a payment option in which I did that twice in the entire life that the loan for the two years I had the vehicle in my drive. | I was a week outside of the two month payment and made a phone call within that week to allow them to know that the payment would be in the mail on the following Friday. I went through the procedures and let them know up front what was going on. I awoke to two men ripping up my entire front yard to hook up to the truck and came to my door asking if I had the keys. I was not going to deny anything and gave them the keys willingly. They did not hook the truck up to the tow option, they drove the truck to Bowling Green, Kentucky (about a 30 minute drive from my home) in which they explained the reposession and more. | I reached out to Stan Shank on that following Monday in which he proceeded to tell me that I needed to pay the entire loan in full in order to ever see the truck or any contents in it again. I didn’t have that kinda of money, nor do I know anyone that does. He made derogatory comments about how I need to work more, ask for advances in pay, should go find someone who I can cry to in order to get the money. I am an educator and work very hard in school and at work in order to provide for myself. He told me that he would only give me 3 days to come up with the money when the letter from them showed that I had 10-14 days to make arrangements or was able to pay a lower amount on the vehicle to get it back in good standing. | I was forced to pay around $1,300 in order to get the vehicle out of reposession and I was never told that this would bring the account up to current. This was just to get the vehicle out of the grassy yard that it was fenced in. I was furious. Stan Shank is not one that I would ever work with. | Just this month, I was looking at seeing about getting the loan out of my name and went to the Barren County clerk’s office to see if this is something that was possible to be done. The county clerk herself told me that it is possible to be done, can generally be submited in 24 hours and finished. She told me that I would have to contact the lien holder and see if they would releast the lien in order to allow me to sign the title to her name only and then release myself free from all financial obligations to this vehicle. When I called MWAFCU they transferred me back to Stan in which he continued to harrass me in very derogatory ways. I asked him simply what could be done. He advised me of the following, “You were the stupid one who signed on with someone else, I have the account in collections status still and I will not allow it to come out of that or be released in any way until the entire loan is paid off, I’m not an idiot like you.” He also made the comment that “If you think I’ll allow Christie (the other name on the truck loan) to refinance, I’ll make it so difficult for her to be able to do so, and if she is able, I’ll make sure that I get her on the interest, I’ll get my money from you idiots!” I was appalled. The truck has had every payment made on time or within a few days of due date with the late fees attached to the payment. If the account is currrent and he is still holding my account information in collections this is not only damaging things but it has ruined my credit. | I will never recommend anyone to go through MWAFCU for anything at all. They are unrealistic. The agents on the phones are nice but they never update or notate the account that you call about. Stan Shank is the absolute worst person to deal with an he is never willing to understand anything about other people. Stan should not be allowed to work in the indusry that he does and he definitely needs to have some form of actions in order to come against him. I have been nothing but cordial to him in each time that I speak with him, but he makes it entirely too difficult.


  • Name: MidWest America Federal Credit Union
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Fort Wayne
  • Address: 1220 Medical Park Dr, Bldg 2
  • Phone: 260-482-3334
  • Website: mwafcu.org/

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