Mike Barney Nissan williamsville New York


Complaint: I purchased a vehicle from M. Barney that wasn’t driving right and made me feel unsafe, after multiple times in their service shop “no one could find a problem “” after much insistance they were able to locate a fairly large very broken spring suspension coil. After the repair which they kept trying to charge me for I still felt unsafe and that there were other issues with the vehicle. I contacted them and Ryan miles (may not be real name) assisted me in entering in a very bad and raw deal on a used car

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Address: i had wanted to lease but was talked into a used sedan. He separated myself from my boyfriend stating we had to discuss financial sensitive matters

Website: 1 the brakes were shot and the other decent. This is after talking to the owner a few times. I am so under water on this car i can’t refinance or trade it in. We told the guy I couldn’t afford more that 400/mo as I was a single mother yet I ended up paying over 100 more than my budget. I’m in tears and stuck

Phone: I which he coerced me into a ridiculously high payment. Basically

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