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Fraud!!!!!!!! Beware!!!!!! Mike Black **** ****** ******* **. **** **. ***********, **. ***** I went in and asked if I can get a cad and I was told sure no problem…he said it was 350 and he would need my card..I sent both in the same day..he said it would be ready in 2 days….he received the card Wednesday and was told that by Saturday I would have it in my hands…Then more excuses as to why he does not have the card ready…really unprofessional the guy…says s**t and f**k all the time….lots of complaining..he said some guy in jersey was rushing him…lol ..i suggest he stop do g this if this is too stressful for him….everything I read here is completely true! He is a fake and fraud….also make sure u block ur card before sending it that’s what I did …..I’m now out of 350 but put a stop payment in it after he kept saying it will be there by blah blah blah….complete feud …do not trust this guy…..also he is in California!….do not send money! Waste of time..lesson learned ……email me if u wanna know more [email protected]


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