mike diamond plumbing san juan capistrano California Review


My mother called her old family plumber and made an appointment to repair her toilet. She lived in a small trailer in Norwalk at that time. Later in the day two plumbers showed up to make the repair. my Mother didn’t realize that they were Mike Diamonds plumbers as she called her old plumber phone number. They went in to the bathroom and shortly advised her that the repair would be $580.00. My Mother was ill and had never been done wrong with her plumber so she told them to make the repair. nI came over a day or so later to see how she was doing and noticed a plumbing bill on her counter. Thats when my head exploded.They simply took advantage of an old lady that trusted her old plumber. I did some checking to see how this happened with the phone number she hsd called and found out that Diamond had been buying all the small plumbers he could for there phone numbers and customer lists. n They also left with her a pamplet titled “If you think the bill is to high”” and it went on to say how much i costs to opperate a plumbing business. They cited….Business license



Tools Insurance

Computers and about 50 to 100 more reasons for costs being so high. My niece was as irate as I and she called the smell good plumber.They asked her if her Grandmother received her senior discount of 20 percent. The cost to do the repair was about $8.00 plus ten minutes to install. They should burn in hell for taking advantage of older people or any others. nDavidnSan Juan Capistrano

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