Mike Jones and DJ HDUBB of Rapathon Gastonia North Carolina Review


When my music artist Realiti Limi mixtape released we came across Rapathon and decided to do business with them to promote and take his music to the next level. We paid $1000 and then within a week Mike Jones said he needed another $500 to assist with the radio play, speaking to Universal Records, being featured on Rapathon music network, licensing our music and more. He also was supposed to reach out to us about scheduling a video shoot which never happened and he told Realiti Limi he was setting up studio time for him which never happened. Because of this we requested to get out money back. So its been 2 months and we still havent gotten our money back and constantly calling to speak to Mike Jones about it and get no answer or when he say he will call he never does. I will never recommend anyone else to Rapathon and i want to finally get the word out because enough it enough. We still want our money back. They have bad customer service and has not kept their word. Seems like they only want to work with people who has a fan base already but yet had no problem accepting our money. Reached out to the DJ behind it HDUBB and he said he cant help me only the guy who accepted the money so what now when he isnt even assisting me? I will put the word out over and over until i get my money back. After posting this on my Facebook i have gotten inbox messages from other people who has been a victim of this guy and i am looking to sue Mike Jones and DJ Hdubb and Rapathon and Rapathon Television to get my money back as well as the other people who has been a victim get their money back and he need to be arrested for fraud as well.

421 Bush River Rd Columbia, South Carolina USA


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