Mike McPeake Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Men


The ultimate nut job….I have to put this little fireplug steroid head loser on blast. His name is Mike McPeake from Philadelphia. He is a juvenile probation officer for the City of Phila for 15yrs. He suppose to be a role model who helps kids and makes them better, helps them with jobs, college, school but what he has done to his own kids is just a disgrace and he should be fired from his job. He also is the Bouncer at (removed) on the Blvd and a Bouncer at the (removed)  in Philly. He is the ultimate Vindictive Narcissist. || I married him when I was 19yrs old. We were married for 18yrs. I I left him several times over the years because he is abusive to me and the kids and he always begged and cried for me to come back. He said he would change..blah blah blah but he changed for a minute and then he would go back to the same nasty guy. We went to marriage counseling several times and again, changed for a little but went right back to the nut job. He is very controlling. I wasn’t allowed to watch the Kardashians or the Girls next Door because whores watch these shows he said. It was a huge fight if I had these shows on and in the end he cheated on me with a Stripper who he lives with now and supports her while she is in school lol…Really…..a Stripper… || The last straw was him going after our older son who is 19yrs old and choking him. I took my 2 boys and left after I jumped on his back so he would get off my son. Mind you the kids had school the next day really…loser. The next day we try to get our things and all the locks were changed to my home that I own. I had the cops there and they did nothing. They told me to get a lawyer, thanks. Finally we got into the house by calling a locksmith. || So get this, me and the kids took some things from our home and my husband sat there and watched his boys carry out their clothes in trash bags and asked them if they needed a bigger trash bag for their things. What a piece of dirt. || He took everything from us that I worked for. He canceled my car insurance, canceled our health insurance, didn’t pay any utility bills (they are in my name only), stole money, took our car which is in my name, took all our furniture, dishes, beds, clothes, toys, all of it and moved it in with the stripper. What girl sleeps in a bed that your wife was in…a nasty girl that’s who. She puts all my furniture on Facebook and my kids saw it but you know what I don’t really blame her she’s young and a dumb bitch. I blame him, he is 40 he should know better.. This loser took my kids beds and threw them out. My little guy didn’t have a bed for a year. Who does this. || My soon to be ex husband has been mentally abusive to me and my kids for years but I grew up if you get married and have kids you work it out and stay together. I wish I knew that was not right. This was torture for me I was in jail with him. I am still not divorced since he fights me on every single thing and child support is just a nightmare, he fights that like crazy and he only pays for 1 child since my older son is over 18. || Remember people he works for the City of Phila the same department as child support so its insane. He changes court records, doesn’t follow the judges orders so I am still going through this because this guy is just a nut. I pay for my lawyer each time he takes me to court while he gets a free lawyer. His last lawyer fired him because he is that difficult. Who gets fired from your own lawyer. || I get it, people grow apart and we didn’t get along but to never talk to your kids again, walk right by them when you see them, miss their graduation, birthdays and act like they are dead after you were with them everyday for their entire life is really sick. He doesn’t have to help our older son with college by law but he supports the Stripper while she is in school and not your own blood. If you could have saw him walk right by his own boys. I didn’t know what to do or say to them. I have to deal with all the kids problems that they are having because of this. At the sometime this went down, my mom was killed. She was my best friend and I needed her more than ever and she was gone. What a nightmare. || Any loyalty I owed my ex flew out the window the day he walked away from his family. I have no sense of loyalty toward a person who left me in a truly untenable position with two children to care for and no concern for how his conduct impacted his children or me, their mother. He hurt them terribly with rejection. The girlfriend puts things up online about their wedding and babies and I say to her take it down the kids see this and tell me and she thinks its funny. These are children we are talking about its not a game. But she is a Stripper. Her name is Jennifer Riches and she’s big nose and ugly. || Children deserve to be in an environment where they feel welcomed and loved. I would give my life for my boys they are my world even though I hate my ex. He will regret his mistakes and he will pay dearly one day. Life always works that way it just has too.

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