Mike Spofford (the Floor Doctor) peoria Arizona Review


michale Spofford aka the floor doctor is a liar, con, and bad check wirter that has no honesty or knows the meanig of good busines ethics. Any builder or home owner doing business with the floor doctor gets what they deserve if they don’t heed this warning “stay away from this unethical business”” or you get what you deserve. nMichal Spofford and his cronney Brady lie

cheat and steal their way into jobs promising things and not being able to deleiver. Not to mention write bad payroll checks

go through employees like most chang underware and doesnt pay on jobs done and monies owed. nUnfortunatly in this great state of Arizona their are far to many jackass’s like these clowns Mike and Brady who are dishonest and try to take advantage of honest working men and women. Not to worry though their is a little thing called “”Karma”” and its just for lieing stealing bad check writing fraudulent unethical little pieces of s*** like YOU. nSo heed this warning stay away from The Floor Doctor or you will get burned. The only good thing I received from doing business with this j***a** is I met some people who understand the meaning of good business unlike the Floor Doctor that also will not do business with that untrustworthy liar the floor doctor. So I guess thanks for their business you bad check writing non paying unethical j***a**. nJusticenphx


8550 N 91 Ave Bulding C Suit 27 Peoria, Arizona U.S.A.

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