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Hello My name is Nicara and I was previously a student at Milan Institute of Technology in Merce4 days California. I recently just got dropped from the program for an incident reguarding me and my girlfriend Maurisa. I have completed all my classroom hours and all I have to complete is 160 hours of extern as well as my girlfriend. I have had several incidents at the school since I started from an employee making a racial comment about me to a different employee making sexist comments to me. So this school has made these 10 months extremely difficult for me. I am going to explain the incident that recently occurred which led to our termination of the program. So I am on the phone with maurisa (my girlfriend) while driving to bring her lunch on her break…while im on the phone with her I hear girls in the background talking crazy to her…I thought it was a joke so I didn pay any mind to it…we get off the phone and I pull up to the school…maurisa is standing outside of the school by this shes telling me what’s going on…how two of the cosmo girls were talkin bad about her and threatening her and how they were going to jump her and talking bad about me…remind you I have never met these two girls ever….so I already didn understand why I was being brought up in the first place… but anyways im talking to maurisa outside and about 5 mins late shayne comes out and tells me that he heard something about a fight so I have to leave….I said idk what yur talking about no one is here to fight…shayne said well I heard my students saying there is going to be a fight so you need to leave….I gave him respect and I left….as im driving away maurisa is calling me to turn around because Shayne (Evening Cosmetology teacher) Had just tol d her that she has to leave…I asked why do you have to leave..she said because he said that I am acting rowdy….but not once has he said anything to one of his students….so I turn back around to go pick up maurisa….when I pull up maurisa is walking out the door with her back pack and not even 2 ft behind her is shayne and cindy(Evening Receptionist)…the minute she walks out the door cindy closes and locks the door behind her…we look back in shock because we couldn’t believe they were treating her like that…none of the other girls were told to go home…maurisa gets into the truck and Mrs Gina (Evening Medical Assistant Teacher)walks out to tell us not to leave yet because Mrs Becky is on her way to talk to maurisa about what happen…we wait in the truck until Mrs. Becky(DayTi pulls up….she comes to the truck to talk to us and then she walks into the school through the student door…me and maurisa both get out to follow her a lil bit after and the minute we get out the car one of the cosmo girls (karess) who had nothing to do with the situation decides to start talking to maurisa…saying how she started the whole thing and she needs to shut up and just leave…then she starts talking to me…we both exchanged words and then thats when cindy Shayne mrs becky and mrs Marla (Evening Massage Therapist teacher) came out from the student door….cindy jumped in front of me and karess…I thought she was neutral in the situation but I think her and karess are related but cindy is in the middle and she proceeds to push me I said why yu putting yur hands on me cindy….and thats when maurisa said dont put yur hands on her cindy..and cindy pushes maurisa …..then thats when mrs becky and mrs marla got me and maurisa and walked us in the opposite direction….we get back to my truck and were getting back in and shayne has a pen and paper and hes writing down my license plate….I asked him why is he doing that he said dont worry about just get back in the car and leave….me and maurisa finally drive off and were on the phone with our parents….they told us to wait for them in the mall parking lot because they are on there way to see what’s going on…..after about 7-9mins our parents arrive and they are asking cindy why she put her hands on me and maurisa and cindy lies and says she never put her hands on me and maurisa she said she was trying to break it up….and our parents were calmly talking to shayne asking him why maurisa was they only one that had to leave when there was three of his students involved…shayne said they were also leaving but they never ended up leaving until class was dismissed for the cosmo students…shayne was extremely rude to our parents he kept constantly saying you guys can talk to whoever you want…you can fill out a complaint do whatever….but just to let you know im not going anywhere. Maurisas parents were so upset the left and me and maurisa left as well…while my mom continued to talk to cindy and shayne…politely telling him that him being an instructor should have nip everything in a bud and sent everyone home instead of just sending maurisa home….and thats how everything went….maurisa never argued with the two girls that were taunting her….she got upset when shayne kicked her out of the school and never once did he say anything to his students and remind you they are the ones that started everything with maurisa…shayne…a couple of cosmos and MA students witnessed him choosing sides and not being fair….he shouldn’t have been acting like that as an instructor and its shouldn’t have took mrs becky to get out of her bed to come fix a problem that he should have fixed from the beginning….! Days after the incident we recieved a email from the dean of the school Mrs. Emily Samons saying that she did an investigatio. And we are no longer able to attend Milan institute and that we will not be able to participate in any school functions or be able to come back to the school. Now im writing this report because I think what happened was all a favoritism thing it was extremely unfair and we do not deserve to not graduate because the employees were not being professional and equal with both me and my girlfriend Maurisa Dinkins. I hope that this will help me.

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