Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital west seneca New York


Complaint: In September 2011, a doctor at Trinity Medical in Orchard Park informed me that the pain in my chest was most likely from Thoracic Outlet Obstruction Syndrome. He came to this conclusion after listening to my blood flow at various points in my arm and chest. He told me to find a Thoracic specialist to proceed from there. I went in the phone book and found Dr. Russell Carlson. Since this past summer, I have had a serious pain in my left upper chest. It often feels like someone is kneeling on it. This is why I sought help. I got an appointment with him fairly fast: he wasn’t sure what was causing the pain veins to be inflamed, and wrote some prescriptions for me to have a veinogram and CAT scan. I got the CAT scan right away and set up an appointment for the veinogram, both at Catholic Health System facilities. Dr. Carlson called me after getting the CAT scan results, saying there was something irregular in both the inferior vena cava and juggler veins. He recommended that I see Dr. Linda Harris, a vascular specialist at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Downtown Buffalo. Again, I set up an appointment. In the meantime, I had the veingoram at Mercy Hospital and that doctor told me there was nothing irregular. When I saw Doctor Harris, she almost immediately on seeing me, stated that I looked like I had Marfans, explaining that it was a genetic disorder that might be the cause of my body shape. I have always been tall and skinny. That has always made me feel a bit different. By skinny, I mean 6″ 2′ and 150 lbs. She set up another veinogram

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Address: and I left feeling that finally someone can explain why I am the way I am

Website: it also recommended that I set up a driver. I got there a little early

Phone: and also help me with the chronic pain I have had for many years. The veinogram was set up at the hospital for 2pm

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