Millenium Travel & Promotions Urbandale Iowa Review


We received a “Form 2008″” in the mail back in December 2008. The form was from Millennium Travel and promised a complimentary 3 day/2 night Marriott Get a way to any property in the continental USA plus $30 dinner and $50 in gas. For responding in 72 hours we would also get two complimentary round trip airfares to anywhere in the U.S. We went to the presentation and received “”The Complete Package”” which stated we would received a hotel stay

dinner gift certificate

entertainment venue tickets and $150 in gas rebates. After sending our “”required money order deposit via registered mail”” back in January 2009

we have spent the last 10 months back in forth via the US mail finding dates that would work for us to travel that were not in the “”blackout”” periods

had availability etc. In addition

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