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Complaint: I had contacted Miller IP law for help help in filing a trademark application for a name. During our conversation we had agreed to work togetehr and made a deal for 600 dollars for the job. The job was to get my name approved. However half way through the process, this lawyer started asking for more money and mentioned steps that were never mentioned once before. Below is an email quote of what Nancy said to me over email:”We assumed that you were aware of the fact that approval was not the final stage of the application process. However

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Address: we are more than happy to have you complete the application process yourself

Website: please do not make the same mistake I did of hiring them. I now find myself 600 dollars down the hole with an application half complete. Lastly

Phone: rather than having our firm act as your agent to complete the necessary steps following the approval of the application.””How am I supposed to know that there will be additional steps if this fact is hidden from me? we had a 30 minute call discussing the plan and this was not mentioned once and now that you took my 600 dollars

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