Mimi Alexander – Atlanta, Georgia Georgia


This innocent looking girl moved to Aiken Sc and got a job working at my spouses job she then persisted chasing my spouse she worked him so good he left me and our kid the day after Christmas and had him looking for a home for them I found out through our credit card statements he was Using it to purchase hotel rooms flowers and pretty much whatever they wanted I then started getting lease denials bc she thought he would be able to put her In a home she was sadly mistaken she spent our tax refund she stole money from us she then kicked him out after cheating on him and moved another girl in she took rent from broke the lease and moved she’s now employed by world of beer on Washington rd in Augusta ga and to make this all even worse she knew what she was doing and had no remorsedon’t mess with a family for your sick shits and giggles she is a divorced adulterer and does not have custody for her kid this girl drives an Audie that she’s didn’t pay for and set our accounts back bc she thought she could have something that was never hers. He’s been home since April and we are trying to work things out but beware nothing this girl says is true she is a thief and a homewrecker and on top of that a bad parent fellas beware hide your kids hide your husbands all across the south east she’s from Florida but lately been in South Carolina and Georgia.

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