Mindent Media Review


Jessica Cox of Mindent Media mindentmedia.com is the former chief scammer at savvy365.com – a fraud web design “company” with multiple complaints on this site. She almost scammed $200 out of me, and I am still on the lookout for this clown to change identity and keep scamming good people like us. She has moved onto another SCAM……surprise! Their site mindentmedia.com says that jessica Cox did some work for Microsoft. I called Microsoft customer service And confirmed they have never worked with these clowns. Again, all “portfolio” on mindentmedia.com are fake! Be careful. This clown keeps changing her identity to move from one scam to another.


  • Name: Mindent Media
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 114-143-456-9632
  • Website: www.mindentmedia.com/

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