Mindy Mitchell Alvarez – Fort Worth, Texas Texas


Mindy Mitchell Alvarez pretends to be such a good Christian, with social media filled with cute little bible verses, all the while she is wrecking homes all over DFW and infecting those men – who then infect their faithful women, with Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. I know this because it happened to me. She pursued my man relentlessly and when she couldn’t get him to sleep with her, she offered to take him to Las Vegas. He wasn’t innocent in this, because he told me it was a guys trip – but she knew about me all along and sent messages about what a fool I am. I packed him lunch for the trip and wrote him a little note for each day, just like I do when I send him off to work every morning, and she laughed and threw them away. While there, she swindled him out of money, convinced him to purchase a time share and also spent hundreds buying into her “it works” business. A couple of weeks later, puss started coming out of his penis and he confessed what he had done. We were treated for the diseases that this horrible human being carries in her body and he promised to cut contact with her. At that point, she began sending more disgusting, naked photos and sending me facebook requests. Watch your back, ladies of DFW. This filthy whore will go to ANY LENGTH to get with your man, since she can’t keep her own.

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