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This review is about Heidi Aldes, a staff member of MCTC. According to the other review on here about her, it looks like she’s still up to her old habits. When she was working at St. Cloud State University, she was the Interim Director of LGBT Resources. During which, she had a history of harassment and discrimination against some volunteers. She has a long history of racism, transphobia, ableism, and serophobia. She is okay with such people who are above her, but she will slaughter anyone who is below her. There were several people of color who entered the office to express interest in volunteering. She harassed them continually to scare them away. There were also other volunteers who tried to team up with Multicultural Services to do events. She refused every time. She said many times that she had contacted them, but she lied. Heidi also ridiculed an autistic individual who volunteered there. This individual had many years of experience as an activist and had done outstanding work, but that did not matter to Heidi. She constantly ignored this individual, treated him like he is incompetent, destroyed his reputation to other volunteers of LGBT Resources, and harassed him to the point of severing all ties with LGBT Resources. Heidi also actively excluded transgender people from certain events. For example, she said that transgender people are not allowed to sit on stage on Guess the Straight Person (on-campus event often held at St. Cloud). She said it was because she did not want to confuse the audience members, but her overall mistreatment of transgender people says otherwise. There was also a volunteer who had built coalitions between an on-campus HIV organization before Heidi was Interim Director. One of the first things she did upon being hired for that position was to sever the ties. One individual whom she perceived as HIV positive was harassed by Heidi. She refused to be anywhere near this individual in fear that she would catch HIV. In addition, anybody who disagrees with Heidi Aldes on anything gets yelled at by her. The belief can be something as simple as red vs. orange. It got to the point to where people were afraid to speak their opinions to her. They also had to pretend to always agree with her. Anyone who ever disagreed with her would be screamed at and would start getting harassed by her often. This is not how to treat anybody! I write this review because there are three volunteers from St. Cloud that I know of who had to seek professional therapy because of psychological damage done by Heidi. I hope that MCTC reads this review and remind themselves that tigers don’t change their stripes.

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