Miranda Beard – Palm Coast, Florida Florida


Me and miranda where engaged for 2 years. She cheated on me with a married Man. Right before they got together we had sex. I found out they were sleeping together so i ended things with and tried to move on. I couldn’t i still loved her. The guys wife broke up with him, left him, took their daughter, and moved out. She started dating her husband right after that. When they first started dating i keep my distance, about a week into their relationship she started texting me nonstop. Asking to come over, to hang out, to come over, and “cuddle with her” i did. She started kissing kissing me, she sucked me off. We did this every week while her boyfriend was out of town. I was hoping she would come back to me. Im not going to lie. But i dont feel like a homewrecker persay because she cheated on me with this man while he was married to his wife. Well this keep happening, and eventally we went out one night and she asked me to get her a tattoo. And i did. We made out afterwords. I felt i was so close to getting her back. Well her boyfriends wife messaged her about it and she told him that he already knows about it and asked her to choose between us and she choose him. She also messaged her husband and he said he had no clue. So when i told him he told me he didnt beleive me or his wife. Im really lost. I love her and i just want her back.

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