Misty Dajavue Review


After purchasing a presumed “quality, champion shih tzu puppies for sale by Lisa Myers of , mistydajavueshihtzu.net/ for $2,100 plus $400 shipping, my wife and I were completed shocked when the shih tzu puppy arrived holding it’s arm up and limping in pain. | After taking the puppy to the vet to see what the problem was, we discovered that the poor dog has a severe deformation in it’s front leg and likely has a hernia as well. | Xrays revealed that the front leg was deformed at birth and the vet has recommended 1) that excess bone be cut so that tension in the leg can be removed or 2) the leg be cut and amputated for $3,500 while further handicapping the poor puppy forever. | Of course, Lisa Myers of, mistydajavueshihtzu.net/ completely denied the deformity and has been completely unwilling to help us or this poor puppy. Not only has the owner of this business denied any wrongdoing, her and her husband have been extremely abusive by verbally attacking me, their paying customer. | Quite frankly, after trying to work this out for quite some time, I firmly believe that Lisa Myers and her husband are thieves who knowingly cheated us and clearly committed fraud by not disclosing this condition prior to sale. Based upon our tragic experience with this business, NEVER purchase from Lisa Myers of , mistydajavueshihtzu.net/ as their actions are completely unacceptable and considered a felony. | We love this puppy and we are now emotionally attached to an animal in pain. My wife has been crying for 2 weeks and even the vet shed a tear. Do yourself a favor and AVOID such a shocking and sad event like ours by NEVER doing business with this company.


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