Misty Herring – Columbus, Ohio Ohio


ALL MARRIED WOMEN IN COLUMBUS watch out for Misty Herring! She’s a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings in Galloway, OH. This girl had been involved with my husband (her co worker) for SEVERAL MONTHS before I found out. Here’s the story. A couple months ago my husband started acting very distant. He had become extremely critical of me over anything and everything. I was broken but thought that these were just normal early marital troubles. (We had only been married for 6 months) Then, one night, he didn’t come home from work until 2:30 IN THE MORNING. Wouldn’t answer any of my phone calls. His excuse was he went to have a couple beers with friends after work and then fell asleep on the couch. After a couple days I let it go. I had no proof and felt Ihad no choice but to just believe him. A couple weeks later I made plans to visit family for the weekend. Again, I barely heard from him all weekend. Him and Misty had made plans for her to come over to my apartment the night I left. She slept with him in MY bed. The baby items laying around from my eight month old daughter didn’t stop her. My things everywhere didn’t stop her. PICTURES of me on the wall didn’t stop her. Yet when I got home I had no idea what had happened. A couple weeks later my husband comes to me and says “I don’t think we should be together anymore. You treat me like shit. I think you should go spend the weekend in Akron because we need time apart.” And then proceeds to tell me his already thought- out disillusion plans. Obviously very confused and very heartbroken, I went. (He didn’t even let me take the car, he made my mom drive 2 hours to get me.) When I got back home, I discovered condoms hidden in my husband’s car. He denied it up and down even calling me a crazy b*tch and saying they were probably mine because I’m “nasty.” So the next morning, I had my mom come get me to move back in with her. I had to leave my car, (because he never let me have the keys) all the money, everything. All I could take was my daughter, clothes and important documents. Finally, the next day, my husband admitted to having cheated. I was livid. I immediately began to go on a witch-hunt to find the woman responsible. Finally, after a week, I find her on Facebook and message her. The lies she told me to cover it up were so disgustingly devious it would make you sick to your stomach. The only reason I discovered the truth was because a friend of Misty’s sent my husband an angry message through Facebook about how he was “treating her friend bad.” I read it all. It provided many unwanted details of what had actually happened. It went from a suspected one-night stand that happened a while ago to what had been a full blown affair between the two. Him even staying the night at her house for days at a time. I received screenshots from Misty’s friend of her asking about when he would leave me. This woman was literally hoping he would leave me and our 8 month old baby girl for her. In summary, this woman is an absolute monster. Definitely don’t take your husband for dinner there.

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