Misty Hudson Patrick – Gadsden, Alabama Alabama


She is from Gadsden, AL but moved to AZ with her husband. She cheated on him with a man that was dating someone or married at the time. She flew into Gadsden to visit family and while she was there met with the man at a motel on multiple different occasions. Her husband hired a PI and caught them. Fast forward several years later, the man she cheated with was in a different relationship (married again) and she (or someone claiming to be her) initiated contact and they texted for 3 months, trying to meet up when she came into town. The man was hesitant only because he was worried her husband might catch them again. He stated, “the problem with Misty is that her husband spies on everything she does.” The current wife found and monitored all texts and confronted both of them. It takes two-he, the man in this situation is nothing but a serial cheater who never cared about Misty but lied to her and used feelings to get what he wanted. He told several friends that she was nothing more than a booty call and laughed about being caught.

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