Misty Marie Burkholder (Bingham) – Salt Lake City, Utah Utah


This is the HOME WRECKING W**** that persuaded MY HUSBAND of 13yrs knowing he was married n succeeded at tearing my family apart! While I know my husband (now ex) is not innocent in all of this, this woman who already had a boyfriend turned it into a game of sorts n wouldn’t let up even after I confronted her n asked her to stay away from him! She lied n said she had no idea he was married (I read the messages he told her “I’m married”) n promised to stay away from him. Fast forward 6weeks n guess what, not only is she sleeping with him now but she has been in my house in my bed n even took a selfie n sent it to me of her in my child’s bedroom saying “who won now”… This pain n heartache I have been going through because of this HOMEWRECKER is the worst, not to mention my 4 children’s lives have been flipped upside down because of her n she thinks its funny smh She has 4 daughters of her own Alicia, Serenity, Emily n Madison who have now been taken away from her because of her actions n when I talked to her boyfriend about all this he said, “I don’t know why she won’t stop sleeping with married men”. Don’t let her destroy your family too ladies, be on the lookout for her n if u do see her coming, RUN, TAKE UR MAN N RUN!!! She frequently works at random bars around the valley n has a thing for MARRIED MEN n makes it her goal to break up whole families… PLEASE ladies protect your families from this rare C#nt-A-Sorus predator

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