Ml Capital Group Inc Review


If you value your hard earned money then do not invest any of it with these two thieves. I’ve lost 15K after being promised by Tom Nelson that his pink sheet startup would make me hundreeds of thousands of dollars. They live in a rented home because they could not qualify for a mortgage for 400K | They rent their corvettes and Escalades as well as the home woith an elevator and own nothing they have. | Tom Nelson is a bottom feeding slug that needs to constantly move to eat (and boy does he eat) and will devour anyone in his path. None of his investment ideas have ever made any money for people and many have lost thousands. Do the research on these two crooks. Google them. And for heavens sake don’t give them any of your hard earned cash.


  • Name: Ml Capital Group Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Fountain Hills
  • Address: 16810 E Ave of the Fountains # 120
  • Phone: 480-516-3394
  • Website:

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