Mobile County Review


I have three children one 15 year old son another 9 year old son and a two old little girl named over 8 months for me now they removed from my home their home and placed in foster homes because they said that my home was unfit and unsafe and that I was on drugs well I have proven that I have a stable home that I’m not on drugs never have been and they still will not let my children come home I’ve also found them placement with family my father their grandfather who are they have live with the four and they still will not allow them to go they can excuse after another and this time one of my sons have been burned one of my sons have been molested and I don’t know about my little girl she can’t really tell me right now and all this is because I so-called preacher and another little town neighboring went to them and told a lie and so they come and destroyed my whole family I just asked what do I do who do I call what do I say to get help and answers today cuz I’ve called everybody and asked everybody that I could think of and to this day I’ve gotten no help neither have my kids it’s a very sad circumstance it if someone would take the time just to look they would see that my children are the ones suffering and now they want to do is come home they would tell you that if you ask them they were never hurt I would never done without and since they have been taken from me all they have had is heartache and pain I just pray to God he is with him everyday in the struggle and you bring them home to me safely


  • Name: Mobile County
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Mobile
  • Address: 3130 Airport Blvd
  • Phone: 251-450-7000
  • Website:

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