Mobile Truck Repair Review


Our driver found a number online for what he thought was a Connecticut based mobile truck repair service by searching online. Please note, they don’t just use one website, and they have multiple numbers in multiple states! Although they have a site, they also have fake info. on the internet. Ie. search for 860-419-8082 on google. You will notice a “Semi Truck & Trailer Repair” at 76 Progress Drive in Stamford CT. That is the address for Budget truck rental. There is no “Semi Truck & Trailer Repair” in Stamford. That phone number can also be found on the mobiletruckrepair web site by clicking contact and choosing Connecticutt. You will also notice various other phone numbers there. They are not real numbers, they will direct you back to the same scammers! | When they were called, they acted like they were a mobile truck repair service, and expected payment upfront. A real company showed up, but the scammer had already cashed our efs check (like a comcheck). The real company just happened to not require payment at time of service so we hadn’t caught on to the scam yet. Later in the evening our driver needed service again. Once again, they wanted payment up front. When the second real company showed up to help, they did want payment before leaving, which is normal. They didn’t know who the guy or phone number was we had called, and in fact claimed that we had called them directly, which wasn’t the case. That’s when we realized we had been scammed. The next day, the first real company called to get their invoice paid. | So, in addition to the real repair costs, of about 530 and 640 respectively, we were scammed out of 650 and 680. Over 1300 lost because of this. This happened once before a couple of years ago to a different person in our organization. It won’t happen again to us, but it bothers me that we reported it to the FBI (both times) and these guys are still getting away with it. I would be all in on a class action lawsuit. Someone needs to stop them. | Here is some information I was able to get from a credible source: | The number you provided comes back to two different company names. US Inspect shows an address of 75 Indian Mountain Rd. in Lakeville, CT 06039-2001. This address is a residence. The second business name is MTS Mobile Truck Repair Svc. with two different addresses. One is 433 Old Gate Lane in Milford, CT 06460-8626, which appears to be a Pilot Travel Center. The second address is 825 N. Mountain Rd. in Newington, CT 06111-1414. Google Maps show this address to be an office/warehouse building with at least two businesses. | Maybe this will give someone something to go on to find these guys. I suspect all of those addresses have nothing to do with the actual scammers. Someone needs to trace the payments, and probably the only way to do that is to get law enforcement involved. Perhaps someone will read this and care enough to put a stop to it. These jokers are probably driving around in Lambo’s after stealing hard earned money from truckers, owner operators, individuals and companies for years now.


  • Name: Mobile Truck Repair
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 855-400-0855
  • Website:

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