Moby Dick Restaurant, Al Steinam Goleta California


Complaint: My wife and I purchased 2 orders of fish and chips to go at Moby d**k’s. When they arrived they consisted of 3 tiny greasy fish sticks and a few french fries. I rarely do this, but was sufficiently outraged by this crap that I asked for my money back. The owner, Al Steinam, refused and only finally gave it back when i wouldn’t leave and threatened to call the police. In the meantime he cursed me out in front of our 1-year-old baby, calling me names including “dumb f***.””I complained to the city department that runs the pier

Tags: Restaurants

Address: and was told that Mr. Steinam regularly curses and screams at his employees and at city workers.Anonymous Goleta

Website: 805-965-4509

Phone: CaliforniaU.S.A.”

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