I ordered the Elastic Mesh Synchro Chair from Modern Office Furniture, Eden Prairie,MN. It arrived in a very blemished but seemingly in a functional condition. I assembled the chair and soon had a long list of problems. The most noticeable was the backrest w/ faulty weld and bend in the angle iron. The whole chair appears to sag to the right. The right armrest was very loose, and leaning back CRUNCH-PING !!! It sounds like the spring is breaking, but it only gets stuck w/ loud noises upon gaining freedom. This chair contained new parts and old parts. They knowingly sold me a RETURN as a new item. To send this item back requires separating the pneumatic lift from the wheel base. VERY DIFFICULT, if at all possibe. Most people would write it off and accept this RIPOFF, if only because it is so difficult to disassemble. I won’t EAT a RETURN from one of thier more favored clients. This manufacturers defect should not be dumped upon a good customer. .

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