Monarch Contract Builders, LLC. Review


Monarch repaired a patio door and its threshold due to water seepage and damage. This also required the replacement of a portion of the wooden floor. Shortly after my post my tenant informed me that water was once again seeping under the door and into the condo. Patrick and his crew went in and “repaired” it so that it wouldn’t happen again…or so I thought! A month or so later it rained hard and there the issue was again…water entering the condo, from under the door, this time ruining the newly replaced hardwood floors. | I called Patrick and he actually had the nerve to tell me that he UNDERESTIMATED what it would take to properly fix this issue and that doing so correctly would require an extra $600!!! He also recommended a screen door, which is against condo association rules, then used that as an excuse as to why he wasn’t “100%” sure anything would work. I informed him that when I hire any professional to do work of this magnitude, I only do so with the following in mind: 1. That they are able to properly diagnose the problem 2. | That they are able to suggest a permanent fix to the issue 3. That they are able to begin and complete the project in a professional manner and guarantee their work Monarch Contract Builders has NOT been able to do ANY of these three things. The initial repairs were done in November and in July, I was looking for a new contractor because Patrick couldn’t/wouldn’t back his work. He actually told me that he didn’t think anyone would say with 100% certainty that they could put a permanent fix in place. I have since spoken to several contractors that totally disagree with his statement. Beware!


  • Name: Monarch Contract Builders, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Oak Park
  • Address: 159 North Marion, # 126
  • Phone: 1 (888) 622-7411
  • Website:

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