Moneybookers Corunna Ontario


Complaint: I answered an ad on Kijiji for an ’04 VW Jetta GLS, $4600. My reply was from Jeannette Bachman who told me she had just moved to Oslo Norway from Canada. This car was supposedly crated and held at a warehouse in Vancouver, Canada which is halfway across Canada from me. I was told to ship the $$ to Moneybookers, the car would then be shipped to me for free, and if I didn’t like the car she would pay the shipping back to Vancouver. The shipping alone would cost that much!! So I googled ‘moneybookers scam’ read the other reports and here I am. Needless to say I will not be sending them $$. Mr brown Corunna, OntarioCanada

Tags: Auto Advertising Services

Address: moneybookers Nationwide U.S.A.



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