Monica Michelle Herrera – Moreno Valley, California California


Monicas Michelle Herrera doesn’t get the hint. Not only did she ruin her own marriage she pursued my husband and tried to ruin mine. With no regard to the fact that he has a wife and kids right next door… She was caught texting him saying that she loves him, she’s alone and wants him to come over. Her own now ex-husband tried to warn me on several occasions. Little did she know how resourseful I could be to finding her. She is not the case of blame the husband not the girlfriend she knew about me and did it regardless. When she moved away she knew where I lived we park outside. As women we are curious by nature she knew where we lived all she had to do was drive by to see he still lived here and was not seperated. So I call BS to that defense of she didn’t know. When I showed up to her house and caught them together she ran into the house and hid like the b*tch she is. Don’t trust her around your husbands, she’s a dirty snake on goverment assistance just waiting for her meal ticket.

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