Monica Santoyo aka Neehsiu Duchene – San Bernardino, California California


My husband and I have been together for 17 years. A year ago my husband and I were having troubles. I worked at night he began going to casinos and using meth, little to my knowledge. He soon lost his job and spiraled out of controll. On December 22, 2016 he went to the store then called to tell me he had done something horrible. He had an affair with Monica Santoyo and she was pregnant but would be aborting on the 27th. I thought I was dieing my heart was completely pierced! He promised to answer all my questions at the time which he did. Monica has 4 children, ALL with different men. She has a gambling addiction and also a meth addiction. Now supposedly she was carrying twins and the abortion didn’t go as expected so she needed another procedure. She continued to use, reeling in my husband with the dope. I separated from him and this woman started moving my belongings into her apartment! She then began texting me how sorry she was! Seriously ?! She again became pregnant! I spoke to her on the phone and asked… what is wrong with you? My husband wants his family back and you obviously are using this against him. Then my prayers were answered and she had a tubal pregnancy. At this moment my husband and I are trying to move forward and she refuses to let go. She had threated my employment and shows up at my kids sports practices. She txt me various crued messages, she calls me names, when all I refer to her as is the [email protected]*e. Be on alert.

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