Monique Kimpamba Review


I like to host on Airbnb with a small apartment in North Miami Beach. We have 4.9 / 5.0 star rating. Monique Kimpamba made a reservation in March of 2019, and upon arrival she acted completely different from every other guest. | She immediately searched the entire apartment for imperfections, even causing additional damage herself in order to take pictures. For example, she went behind the door near the crack and took pictures of dust, she removed the mattress from the bed frame and removed a screw to take picture of a broken bed frame, she went under the sink in the bathroom to show sheet rock scuff marks, she went inside the utlity/air condition closet, she un plugged the internet modem and claimed there was no internet. All of the problems were either manufactured by Monique Kimpamba or just completely irrelevant to her 2 week stay. | As a host, I offered to fix and remedy any and all problems. | I came with my housekeeper and handyman and we spent about an hour addressing all concerns. Her demeanor was that of a very angry person. She was completely rude to staff and myself, which was completely out of context. | Monique stayed for a couple days in the unit, then contacted the travel company, Airbnb, with the original pictures she took and explained that I never resolved their problems. | Airbnb then refunded all of the money back to Monique Kimpamba, while she continued to stay in the property. Later, Airbnb told her that she must vacate, but she thought she would continue to stay. This is a video of her still inside the unit after she was refunded. | | They are lounging and relaxed, and enjoying the apartment. Does it look like they intended to leave? | Keep in mind, that I spent time and money with paid professionals making efforts to remedy their manufactured problems. They intended cancelling and getting refunded anyway without telling me but allowed me to spend the money. This is the reason why I know this is a scam, and the reason I am upset with Airbnb. Because it is a complete disregard for my time and money. | Beware of Monique Kimpamba


  • Name: Monique Kimpamba
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: +33 7 68 91 49 83
  • Website:

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