Monitronics International Portland Oregon Review


Like many of the reports that I have read, I too have been screwed by Monitronics. After not having used our alarm for the entire 2-yr contractual period which ended July of 2003, my wife and I were very much looking forward to getting rid of the $33.85/mo charge that we hated paying. nAfter looking through our contract and reviewing the billing statement we were unsure on how to cancel. So we decided to phone the company and seek the proper steps in cancellation. The representative that my wife spoke with (In May-2 months prior) said to simply write a letter stating that we wanted the contract to be cancelled at the end of our 2-yr contract period and that this letter could be sent in with our final payment. So we did it, and thought that everything was dandy. nLow and behold we get a bill early July. Thinking that there must be a good explanation we called in. Nope…turns out that whoever we spoke with in May gave us the wrong information. We were informed that our letter went to the bank and that they “didn’t care about our contract””

and “”they simply just threw it away””. Of course we argued about what we were told and to no end we were simply told that we were in the wrong

the contract was already into the 1-yr renewal and there was nothing that could be done. nShe asked if we had recorded the individuals name we spoke with

or if we had sent in the cancellation letter certified…..nope. Why would we? We weren’t told. I have never had to do this with a contract before

so maybe I’m naive

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