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I got a groupon for this necklace that was a locket of sorts. You chose a floating motif for the center. I went to and followed the link for the groupon I already paid for and decided to upgrade for more motifs and paid monogramhub directly more money. I picked out 4 motifs and an upgraded locket. I paid and about a month went by, no necklace. Then I got an email saying my order was on hold due to a mistake on their website and if I wanted that locket I would have to pay even more money. I emailed back saying no thank you and just send me the non upgraded locket. I got no response. I tried to call the phone number on the website but it turned out to be a recording that had a full message box so I couldn’t even leave a message. I tried responding to the email I got about 20 more times. This went on for about 3 weeks. I finally got a response. When I finally got my necklace it came with one motif, not the four I paid for, and to add insult to injury it wasn’t even one that I had picked. It was a baseball. I have a little girl who doesn’t really enjoy baseball. This was meant to be a Christmas gift. As its February obviously it’s not even close to the point anymore. After contacting them again I was told to repick the motifs and they would be sent to me. I still haven’t gotten them and no one responds to my emails anymore.

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