Montgomery County Maryland Parking Review


I got a parking ticket in Bethesda, MD, outrageous fee of $45; wrote check that night and mailed it; my bank statement shows checked was paid within 7 days of the ticket; and I have received two citations, each adding penalities, so now I supposedly owe them $95 or if I don’t pay, they will put a flag against my vehicle registration so I won’t be able to renew my registration and I’ll be charged another $10 county fee. There is no phone number where you can talk to anyone. I have send a very clearly written letter with copies of the bank statement and for my troubles I received a second citation with no acknowlegment of receipt of my letter. I probably will contact my Congressman on this; Unbelievable that I will have to go to such an extreme to correct my record! I am beyond angry and this whole experience has turned me off of parking at any locaation that is controlled by parking meters in Montgomery County where I live. This means that the county will lose hundreds of dollars of sales tax revenues since I won’t shop anywhere where I can’t park for free. Short sighted public policy. Idiots,


  • Name: Montgomery County Maryland Parking
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Silver Spring
  • Address: 809 Ellsworth Dr
  • Phone: 240-453-0113
  • Website:

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